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Sustainability & Environment

Ashton Smith don’t consider sustainability as an issue in its own right. Sustainability runs through the heart of everything we do:

  • Our ethos is to bring new thinking, challenge the norms, and ensure buildings are fit for purpose over their whole lifecycle.
  • Systems thinking approach pushes the envelope – consideration is given to the potential unintentional consequences of what is proposed early in the process, allowing for innovative materials and equipment choices.
  • Its more than just a label – for Ashton Smith sustainability, creates consequential step changes in design, construction and functioning of the buildings.
  • We consider how the community can be supported and integrated as part of the ecosystem –not just as neighbours and workforce.
  • We consider emissions off-setting as a last resort, and where it is considered, it needs to have longevity; the possibility of long-term connection with the client; and be local to the site

Sustainability – BREEAM, LEED and Net-Zero


• BREEAM: Outstanding & Excellent Projects
• LEED Gold & Platinum Projects
• Well Themed Builds

Designing net-zero carbon for over a decade

  • Increased Efficiency (passive solar, work flows, operational efficiencies, offsite construction)
  • Reduced embodied emissions (Concrete, Steel, CLT)
  • Maximising BIM capabilities
  • Increased insulation, renewable and low carbon energy
  • Active travel / Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Waste reduction strategies


  • New technologies continually being assessed
  • New construction methods and plant
  • Private wire and community energy supply
  • Community engagement and opportunities

Design for Wellbeing

By thinking holistically about building design, landlords and owners are able to optimise industrial interiors for occupant health, which in turn translates into employee productivity.

Wellbeing Design Considerations

  • Use of Biophilic Design
  • Wellbeing Spaces
  • Fitness Opportunities
  • Active Furnishings
  • Natural Daylight
  • Community Involvement
  • Site Greening

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