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Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Digitalisation

The construction industry now requires well-structured methodical management processes and collaborative ways of working, supported by robust and efficient technologies to deliver better-built solutions with measurable values to clients and business partners.

Ashton Smith Associates achieved the BIM Design and Construction KITEMARK as Lead Appointed Party – Lead Designer, Designer & Architect issued by British Standard Institution (BSI) to assure our customers of the highest level of service is provided.

By focusing on adapting the latest industry standards, best practices and the implementation of the latest technologies, Ashton Smith have been able to utilise effective BIM information management, information exchange and communication through various Common Data Environments and cloud solutions, cross-disciplinary model coordination, collision detection, emerging digital reality, and visualization.

The ability to learn from previous projects with open-minded self-assessment, innovative implementation and automated workflows has resulted in the development of extensive internal Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) processes ensuring the efficient and productive creation of graphical and non-graphical information with integrated specifications, effective collaboration and coordination, fast information exchange and interaction with all stakeholders.

Ashton Smith’s vision for BIM, sustainable design, and better-built assets, underpinned by a combination of the latest technologies, unique architectural knowledge and our team’s dedication, has allowed us to build strong relationships with the UK’s leading academia in the field of Architectural Technology and BIM which further strengthens our ability to provide quality services based on advanced parametric and generative design.

Services within the BS EN ISO 19650 series of standards and others:

  • Full range of consultations and training for clients and project stakeholders regarding the latest AEC sector BIM processes and procedures.
  • Advisory on the development of Asset Information Requirements (AIR), and Project Information Requirements (PIR) documentation.
  • Development of Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) with related documentation at an early stage of the project.
  • Development of pre-appointment and post-appointment BIM Execution Plans (BEP) with related documentation for the delivery phases of the project.
  • Quality validation of delivered information at the key milestones and/or end of the stage.
  • Validation of deliverables for the operational phase of the built asset.
  • Management of Common Data Environment (CDE) during project appointment.
  • Management of BIM models Coordination and Collision Detection processes.
  • Full range of architectural and sustainable design with embedded information requirements aligned to industry classifications.
  • High-quality digital reality and Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) and animations.
  • Feasibility study, solar analysis, energy, and daylight optimisation.
  • Additional custom services

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